Business Engineers Asia (BEA) is focused on creating a perfect platform & business process for companies in the FMCG & retail industry. Our business model is designed to be cost effective, giving our clients a structured entry to test their products & assess the market acceptance before fully committing to future growth.


Become an established & leading business solution provider by re-defining businesses ethically.



Create innovative solutions for business success & social responsibility.



I.C.E. (Innovate, Create & Enhance)



“sellers supporting sellers"


Driven by a passion to INNOVATE, to CREATE & ENHANCE (“I.C.E”), Business Engineers Asia (BEA) has grown from a small setup to being a strategic partner to various organizations & business entities, both local & foreign. We became 'accidental' modern retailers when we developed for sale, our own range of natural family care products under our brand, "Nature's". As a young start up in 2013, we were totally unprepared for the amount of work & high cost involved to carry our range of products in the retail shops & supermarkets. We saw a need to build through a more financially manageable way & in 2015, we found our answer in engaging the emerging e-commerce sector.


Within weeks, we got ourselves listed on RedMart, a young start up that has now grown to become Singapore's largest online grocer after being bought up by the Ali Baba Group through Lazada. As sellers in RedMart, we faced all the challenges any young entrepreneur or SME would face. Having fully immersed ourselves in both online & offline channels, we saw an opportunity by positioning ourselves as a strategic partner to RedMart, offering warehousing & fulfillment support for other RedMart clients. As we met more potential clients, we realized that high entry costs, fear of the uncertainty (risks), not having the knowledge of what to do, where to go, etc. gave us the inspiration to create BEA's "The Business Entry Program (BEP) - The Singapore Incubator'.


After years of constant evolution & refinement, today we are proud that B.E.P - The Singapore Incubator, is seen & recognized as one of the most unique & efficient business models - solutions in the FMCG & retail segment. We are now partnering many Embassies, High Commissions, Business Councils & Trade Associations to help them 'land' their countries' promising companies & their products into Singapore. We supports over 50 sellers (foreign & local entities), promoting over 200 brands & carry over 5000+ SKUs on multiple online channels, including offline channels as well. We continue to enhance our operations & are now proud partners of RedMart & NTUC (Online) where our clients have our holistic support, 7 DAYS a week!   



"Business Entry Program (B.E.P) - Incubator Series" - This unique & disruptive business model dispels the notion that the traditional buy & sell model is one of the best options for any business entity wanting to enter an overseas retail market, especially in Singapore. B.E.P. helps entrepreneurs & foreign SMEs through a unique 'incubation period' that features a suite of support & services from strategic reviews, international logistics, storage & warehousing, etc. at the most cost efficient manner. B.E.P will help to provide real time data to assess before a business entity can serious investment in selling or marketing their products in full scale.  B.E.P. 'incubation period' allows business entities to get true data without immediately spending a huge sum of money in setting up on their own, or on logistics & marketing without getting the fundamental questions answered on market suitability. The model creates greater opportunity to find a suitable distributor as it eliminates any rush factors in securing a distributor. Moreover, with the data collected during the 'incubation period', business entities can find themselves in a better bargaining position, should they still seek out distributors as they now have data to show their product viability. In short, B.E.P ensures a near perfect ‘learning curve’ & allows a foreign SMEs to formulate a strong, well managed & strategic plan for mid & long term business expansion.




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